Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Suuboq: Continued

Finally, at the highest level of play, the two sides are evenly matched. Neither has an advantage, and victory comes not through the inherent qualities of the pieces but through skill alone. The purpose of suuboq is to mimic war, to learn the strategies and tactics that will serve a commander well in the heat of battle. This is the goal of suuboq. Sometimes a commander controls a force of infantrymen or artillery: slow, but very powerful. Other times he commands over recon ships and helicopters: fast, but weak, and unable to press the attack. Only by learning to control both types can the aspiring general hope to achieve victory. For this reason games among my people are considered a noble pursuit, and as a gentlemen one is expected to be conversant in the playing of many games. On more than one occasion, my very life depended on the outcome of a game of suuboq.

Suuboq: The Pillars

This brings me to the pillars. The pillars are the other side of Suuboq. Slow but strong, few but with great range, it takes years of play to master them. For this reason, during the "middle" game, where both players are intermediate in skill, the pillars dominate the board. All suuboq matches consist of two games. One player starts as orbs, the other pillars. Then they switch. Both players are forced to develop their strategy at both sides. If one solely develops his orb play, his pillar play will suffer, and he will lose his matches.

Suuboq: The Orbs

There are two sides to suuboq. First side is the orbs. The orbs are numerous but weak, speedy but with no range. For two players who are both beginners, the orbs tend to dominate the board, seizing territory with ease and capturing many of the enemy. To many who have never played the game before, this seems to make the game unbalanced. Will not the orbs win every time?

Suuboq: A Primer

Lately I have been trying to teach Xavier to play suuboq. Suuboq is a very old game, played all over Anakhjur, and among the Primatics it is one of the seven civilized virtues. Suuboq can be learned in an hour, but so far I have been playing it for my whole life and I am not so presumptuous as to think I have mastered it. There is always something new to learn. The first rule of play is "Position is the master." How do I describe suuboq to you, who has never seen it? Among humans, the great game of strategy is chess. Well, suuboq is the great game among my people. But it is not like chess; or not much like it. Nor is it like the other great game of Go. Rather it is a seeming hybrid of the two. Movement, combined with stasis. Like water and iron together. Is it any wonder that the game has been taught amongst the cadets and young soldiers of my people for three thousand years? To learn suuboq is to learn to command.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

American Election 2006

Well, you have lost your war.

I am sorry America. But you have lost, and now the Moslemics will win, and defeat you in Iraq. Now, I am not an American citizen, and so did not vote, plus I think that your "democracy" is mostly stupidity and madness, but I do have to say that I feel very strongly that this is your own fault.

I have read much history since coming to America, and one subject of particular interest to me is ancient Rome. Rome began as a republic, like your United States, and was very successful in becoming a great power. But then the rot set in. The Romeans lost the will to fight, to defend themselves. They lost themselves in carnal pleasures, and strange faiths infiltrated them.

America has now reached this stage. The Romeans were unable to recover, and became degraded. So too will it happen to the Americans. I am sorry.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Thoughts on Mister John Kerry

Firstly, Mr. Kerry is a fool. The military arts, and indeed the whole military life, is perhaps the most noble a man can aspire to. Mr. Kerry was once a soldier. But my understanding was that he must have been a poor one, as no man of honor would slander his own army thusly. It is only the incompetent, the slovenly, and the cowardly, who denigrate the honor of their fellow warriors. For shame, Mr. Kerry.

Secondly, Mr. Kerry, he is a traitor. America, she is at war. There is no denying this, and I think the "left" to be a myriad of fools for their belief that there can be some negotiation with the Moslemics. Any man who damages the morale of the troops, as Kerry has done, and do not forget he was the Democratic Party nominee for the President, should be dealt with as one deals with traitors. He should be taken out behind the Pentagon Building and shot. This is how you deal with traitors.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Which Jen Appreciates a Beautiful Woman

From Instapundit and Hot Air: Kristen Powers Conservative Republican Fox! Yeouw, one beautiful woman.

Apologies for My Absence

Most humble apologies on my lapseness in posting. I have business interests in the South Africa, and on 15 Sept I received a telephone call requesting my presence in Pretoria. (A name, by the way, I admire, since I was once a Praetor.) So I have spent the past month in Pretoria, Jo'burg, and Kimberley, where I have interest in diamonds. The South Africaners are in many respects an admirable people. I admire them, as I admire the Russians and the Israelis. Sadly and tragically, I was not able to hunt, for business was my preoccupation. More on my Pretoria trip later, I think.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A New Posting

I apologize for the long space between postings, but I am proud to announce that my translator program is working! Hopefully, now that I do not have to worry that I will mangle my grammar, I can post more often. More later, including Abigail's recital, matter transference, and the Romeo y Julieta cigars I received.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


"Hardball" is coming on soon. Question Matthews is asking: Are the Democrats figuring out National Security? Jeneliya's answer: Probably not, ask Joe Lieberman.

On War

First of all, you must be understanding that I am being a soldier nearly all of my life. I am first enrolling in military academy at age of nine, and have spent my life fighting since then. So this is the source of my opinions.

You Americans, it is seeming to me, do not understand what war is. Your fathers knew, and your grandfathers, and their fathers, but you do not know. This is because since World War II, you are fighting what you are calling "small wars." Even the Indochina war, he is a small war. American population in 1939: 132,000,000 Americans dead in World War II: 407,300. American population in 1969: 203,000,000 Americans dead in Indochina war: 58,209. One out of every 324 Americans is dying in Second World War. One out of every 3487 Americans is dying in Indochina war. So you see, you are always fighting "small wars". But now I am about to slap you in the face with truth.

There are no small wars.

All war is total war. You must seek out your enemy, hunt him down, and destroy him. You must incapacitate the people and decapitate the leadership. You must be treating every enemy, no matter how tiny he is seeming, as if he is the bringer of your death.

Now, I will not be saying whether Indochina war is "just" or "right", or whether you should be fighting it. But I will say that you are losing it because you believe that you can fight a war and still have time for your hamburgers and your Coca-Cola.

Now you are in a war against people who are outbreeding you. You are "liberating" your women and forcing them from their hearths and children into the workplace to compete against men, and they are not having babies. Many feminists are asking "What is the place of the woman in the military?" The place of the woman in the military is to give birth to the soldiers who will fight the next war. In fact, your thinkers and savants are hoping that your enemies will catch your sickness, and they will stop breeding. They are hoping to make the rest of humankind as sick as they are.

If you are for victory against the Moslemics (and I am not so certain that you are), you must be doing several things. One is that you must be forgetting your poisonous "political correctness." You are not fighting some boggartman called "Terror". You are fighting Moslemics. Always I am seeing a certain capacity for denial in you. You say we must be fair, we must treat everyone equally. Well, I am telling you that that is not fair, it is unfair for those who, for example, wish to fly on aeroplanes without being blown up! No, you must say, who is attacking us? Young Moslemic men. So we will target these people for investigation. Some of them will be inconvienced, yes, but it is likely that some other people will not be dead.

After the London Aeroplane Foiling, many aeroports are saying that a traveler cannot be bringing on fluids because they may be explosive, for this is what the terrorists tried to use. This is wise. But then I am hearing people on CNN and MSNBC saying that it should not be done, for the terrorist will just be switching to a new method. What? This is madness! If a man comes at you with a sword, you do not say, "I had best not use my shield, for he will switch to a rifle." No! You are raising your shield, blocking his blow, and stabbing him in the throat!

Until you are understanding that you are in a war against those who would see your entire civilization in ashes, you will continue to be losing against the Moslemics.

Monday, August 14, 2006

On Pronouncing My Name

My name, which is not in English, is being pronounced:

jen-uh-LI-ya day-sha niz-moo-KAYNE-ee-an

Now, if you are ever meeting me, you will not be embarrassed for pronouncing my name incorrectly.

Cigars I Smoke

I am much liking cigars from Cuba, also from Dominican Republic. Here is a photo of my favorites, Bolivars which are Cuban and have a very strong flavor. (Thank you to Wikipedia.)