Sunday, August 13, 2006


Aeramais and I had dinner with our children tonight, which is getting to be a rarer and rarer occurence since Aeramais has lately been retreating to her laboratory for gene splicing. The older I am becoming, and the more time we spend together, the more I value her. Once, not even too many years ago, we were enemies, but now we are perhaps becoming friends. Dinner was very good, pot roast American style. I am liking American food, but it is sometimes too bland. I am liking food from Mexico and also Mediterranean food, like Italian or Lebanese. Last week Aeramais and I and our friend Ilya are having dinner at Fattoush, very good restaurant which is serving Middle Eastern fare. The babaganuush (?) was very good. Also I am liking Cajun food. I like the spice. In the Primacy, cooking has very great emphasis on powerful flavors: salty, spicy, sweet. Indian food especially is reminding me of food my mother is making for me when I am very small. Ilya is very good dinner company, always telling tales about his homeland of Russia, which he left in 1997. In March previous Ilya and I were going to Siberia to hunt bears, and so I am seeing some of Russia for myself.

Tonight though I am having dinner with Aeramais, Abigail, Xavier, Kelvin, and Olivia, which is very pleasant. Aeramais is a very good conversationalist, and we are discussing many world events, plus her work with various cell cultures. Afterwards, we are having a brandy on the porch while I smoke a cigar. An enjoyable evening.


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