Friday, August 11, 2006

More on Translator Program

Still working on translator program. Is very difficult, because Olphen, which I am thinking in, is very different from English. Some words do not translate. By way of example, before I am telling you about Qadas m'Denoia, which I am translating as "Theory of Games." But this is the only example I can think of of exact translation. Qadas m'Denoia means exactly Theory of Games, but nothing else I can think of translates so finely. For many years I am godeki henat. Now, godek means hand, and if I were very literal, godeki henat would be "wrist". But of course I am not a wrist! In the Primacy, godek means hand, but the Godek is what you would call the security services, like your American Department of Homeland Security. So godeki henat is the wrist, in literal terms, but if you are metaphorical, it means "that which moves the hand". So godeki henat is the Head of Security for whole Primacy. But also, godeki henat means a thing which, while unseen, causes another thing to happen. And there are at least three other meanings I can think of. So you can see my trouble! But I will continue to work on this, because I am bored with my work on matter transference. (I have "hit the wall" as you Americans say.) Also, my children are asleep and Aeramais is making busy in her laboratory, so I have nothing else to do.


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