Friday, August 11, 2006

On War

Thinking more about what I said earlier about earthers being too impatient. There is another problem. Always you are wanting peace. Now peace is in many ways a fine thing, but so is war. War purifies and clarifies. When two nations are at peace, the citizenry become soft. They lie in the sun and bloat up with hedonistic pleasures. The Gardeners of Shintada were this way. Always fighting small "police actions" and "international interventions", never fighting the great struggles their young men need to fight to become strong. And the Gardeners became weak and bloated. You humans rush to war and then rush to peace, thus granting you all of the costs of war and none of the benefits. What are the benefits of a properly conducted war? One: A thoroughly defeated enemy, who can no longer be threatening you; two: much plunder and treasure, which enriches the state; and three: new territories for colonization and exploitation. You Americans do not practice the last two, and now fail to practice the first! You rush into a "Peace Process," thus leaving your enemies humiliated but not beaten. This is why you are losing your war in Southeast Asia. Viet Cong are know that your heads are not in it, because you are conducting peace talks. The side that asks for peace is usually the side that is losing. How can Viet Cong respect and fear you, when they know you are wanting peace so badly? This is how you lose a war.


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