Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On War

First of all, you must be understanding that I am being a soldier nearly all of my life. I am first enrolling in military academy at age of nine, and have spent my life fighting since then. So this is the source of my opinions.

You Americans, it is seeming to me, do not understand what war is. Your fathers knew, and your grandfathers, and their fathers, but you do not know. This is because since World War II, you are fighting what you are calling "small wars." Even the Indochina war, he is a small war. American population in 1939: 132,000,000 Americans dead in World War II: 407,300. American population in 1969: 203,000,000 Americans dead in Indochina war: 58,209. One out of every 324 Americans is dying in Second World War. One out of every 3487 Americans is dying in Indochina war. So you see, you are always fighting "small wars". But now I am about to slap you in the face with truth.

There are no small wars.

All war is total war. You must seek out your enemy, hunt him down, and destroy him. You must incapacitate the people and decapitate the leadership. You must be treating every enemy, no matter how tiny he is seeming, as if he is the bringer of your death.

Now, I will not be saying whether Indochina war is "just" or "right", or whether you should be fighting it. But I will say that you are losing it because you believe that you can fight a war and still have time for your hamburgers and your Coca-Cola.

Now you are in a war against people who are outbreeding you. You are "liberating" your women and forcing them from their hearths and children into the workplace to compete against men, and they are not having babies. Many feminists are asking "What is the place of the woman in the military?" The place of the woman in the military is to give birth to the soldiers who will fight the next war. In fact, your thinkers and savants are hoping that your enemies will catch your sickness, and they will stop breeding. They are hoping to make the rest of humankind as sick as they are.

If you are for victory against the Moslemics (and I am not so certain that you are), you must be doing several things. One is that you must be forgetting your poisonous "political correctness." You are not fighting some boggartman called "Terror". You are fighting Moslemics. Always I am seeing a certain capacity for denial in you. You say we must be fair, we must treat everyone equally. Well, I am telling you that that is not fair, it is unfair for those who, for example, wish to fly on aeroplanes without being blown up! No, you must say, who is attacking us? Young Moslemic men. So we will target these people for investigation. Some of them will be inconvienced, yes, but it is likely that some other people will not be dead.

After the London Aeroplane Foiling, many aeroports are saying that a traveler cannot be bringing on fluids because they may be explosive, for this is what the terrorists tried to use. This is wise. But then I am hearing people on CNN and MSNBC saying that it should not be done, for the terrorist will just be switching to a new method. What? This is madness! If a man comes at you with a sword, you do not say, "I had best not use my shield, for he will switch to a rifle." No! You are raising your shield, blocking his blow, and stabbing him in the throat!

Until you are understanding that you are in a war against those who would see your entire civilization in ashes, you will continue to be losing against the Moslemics.


At 12:45 AM, Blogger Kurt said...

I'll start off by saying that your military career is something to be proud of. To serve one's country is an honorable duty.

However, just because not as many Americans die in wars as do soldiers of other nationalities doesn't mean we fight "small wars." Don't you think it could mean that we're good at fighting? No, of course you don't, you're very biased and opinionated. And don't say you're not. Read anything you've written and you'll see. And if you don't then you should stop writing and take some time to figure out that you are.

Although that probably angered you, I believe you to be an intelligent being, capable of realizing that to be closed-minded and opinionated is to voluntarily stop listening and learning, and that to stop listening and learning is to seal one's own fate.

Moving on, we aren't fighting Muslims. If we were fighting Muslims, I would have to walk down the street and either arrest or shoot my good friend Adam, whose entire family is Muslim. We are, however, fighting terrorist who happen to be Muslim extremists.

I do agree with you, though, in that we should target middle-easterners in airports, as they are likely suspects of terrorism. If they are anti-terrorism then they should have no problem with the inconvenience, and could easily arrive early to work around it.

Lastly, broadcast journalists can be idiots. The ones seen on T.V. daily especially can be idiots. They shouldn't be allowed to give their opinions, they should just report the news. Editorialization has ruined this country.


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