Tuesday, November 14, 2006

American Election 2006

Well, you have lost your war.

I am sorry America. But you have lost, and now the Moslemics will win, and defeat you in Iraq. Now, I am not an American citizen, and so did not vote, plus I think that your "democracy" is mostly stupidity and madness, but I do have to say that I feel very strongly that this is your own fault.

I have read much history since coming to America, and one subject of particular interest to me is ancient Rome. Rome began as a republic, like your United States, and was very successful in becoming a great power. But then the rot set in. The Romeans lost the will to fight, to defend themselves. They lost themselves in carnal pleasures, and strange faiths infiltrated them.

America has now reached this stage. The Romeans were unable to recover, and became degraded. So too will it happen to the Americans. I am sorry.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Thoughts on Mister John Kerry

Firstly, Mr. Kerry is a fool. The military arts, and indeed the whole military life, is perhaps the most noble a man can aspire to. Mr. Kerry was once a soldier. But my understanding was that he must have been a poor one, as no man of honor would slander his own army thusly. It is only the incompetent, the slovenly, and the cowardly, who denigrate the honor of their fellow warriors. For shame, Mr. Kerry.

Secondly, Mr. Kerry, he is a traitor. America, she is at war. There is no denying this, and I think the "left" to be a myriad of fools for their belief that there can be some negotiation with the Moslemics. Any man who damages the morale of the troops, as Kerry has done, and do not forget he was the Democratic Party nominee for the President, should be dealt with as one deals with traitors. He should be taken out behind the Pentagon Building and shot. This is how you deal with traitors.